Palo Santo

Palo Santo (3 Stick Bundle)

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Inspired from a trip to a Colombian jungle, we met a shaman who showed us the techniques of applying palo santo in your daily lives whether for ailments or for the special properties that palo santo contains. We felt all the positive vibes and could not wait to find ethically sourced panto santo for you!
Item Details:
3 Palo Santo Sticks

Dimensions: approx. 4.3 inches long & .4 inches thick (sizes may vary)

Ethically sourced:
This wood is taken from fallen trees (only) which are found in the tropical dry forests of Peru. Note that the trees that are sourced have fallen over 5 years ago.

Common uses of Palo Santo:
The Shamans in Peru and all over South America use the smoke of this wood for cleansing the energy of a person or a place, specifically in ceremonial gatherings in the jungle. It is known to bring positive energy in your home and is a common everyday ritual.