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Blush Dreamy Curler By Tr Single Dreamy Curlers

Blush Dreamy Curler by TR

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Becoming more in touch with our hair health means reducing the amount of heat we use on our hair. Inspired by the trending bathrobe curls, our Dreamy Curlers have a thicker diameter which gives you a fuller curl.

After many prototypes and much experimentation, we have created our Dreamy Curler with eco friendly foam that meets the CertiPUR-US® guidelines.

Product Details

  • 100% Satin Charmeuse  - Protects hair against breakage, reduces frizz, and forms dreamy curls
  • Eco-Friendly foam - sustainable, non toxic, safe and comfy to sleep with.
  • Dreamy Curler approx. 36”x 1.25” good to use on shoulder length to long hair.

1x Dreamy Curler

1x Dreamy Curler
2x Dreamy Scrunchies


  • Use on 80% dry hair
  • Wrap your hair around the Dreamy Curler
  • Secure ends with Dreamy Scrunchies
  • Sleep with or leave in hair for 4 hours +
  • Remove and enjoy your dreamy hair!
  • Take a picture and tag us :)

*Please note Dreamy Curler purchases are FINAL SALE

**Be sure to check out our video tutorials on how to use!